Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Bitcoin.com Has You Covered

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Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Bitcoin.com Has You Covered

July 13, 2018 Cryptocurrency 0
Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Bitcoin.com Has You Covered This week Bitcoin.com is thrilled to announce a new platform called Developer.bitcoin.com. The web portal is dedicated to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) software developers and provides them with a wide variety of tools that can supercharge their workflow. We want the Bitcoin Cash network to change the world for the better and Bitcoin.com’s suite of developer applications allows anyone to produce world-class platforms within this innovative ecosystem. Also read: Crypto Phones, Spy Games, Binance CEO vs Vitalik

Meet Bitcoin.com’s Developer Platform: Priming the Flames of Passionate Bitcoin Cash Development

Bitcoin.com is all about the power of economic freedom and we believe Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has the power to change the world. Over the past few months, BCH development has been exponential as there has been a slew of new apps like wallets, social media platforms, SMS apps, tipping bots, coin shufflers, torrent software, and so much more. At Bitcoin.com we want to keep the passionate flames of Bitcoin Cash development going strong so we’ve decided to launch a massive development web portal with a suite of tools that can help bolster the next great Bitcoin Cash project. Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Bitcoin.com Has You Covered

Five Key Tools That Can Help You Scale, Deploy and Monetize a Bitcoin Cash Application

Developer.bitcoin.com has five key tools for blockchain programmers: The Bitbox SDK, REST, GUI, and Cloud platforms can help you scale the project and deploy the software. Furthermore, we provide a tool called Market that can assist developers by providing a way to create revenue from the project as well.   Bitbox SDK The Bitbox SDK is a powerful suite with intuitive APIs that enable developers to create world-class applications. Bitbox has been so popular it has been downloaded more than 36,000 times in over 100 countries worldwide since launch. The javascript framework offers programmers addresses, mnemonics, HDNodes, ECPairs, transactions, and more. With Bitbox, individuals and organizations can create powerful Bitcoin Cash applications on the client or server with full mainnet and testnet support. Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Bitcoin.com Has You Covered REST Developer.bitcoin.com also offers REST — a Bitcoin Cash RPC over HTTP application for Bitcoin Cash development. The entire Bitcoin Cash JSON RPC is available over HTTP with the proper REST semantics. Programmers can also tether the Bitbox SDK for further enhancements. Essentially, with the help of REST and Bitbox users can build their own clients that speak to the Bitcoin Cash chain. Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Bitcoin.com Has You Covered GUI Then we also provide a GUI which is a full BCH blockchain and BIP44 compatible wallet that can be used for experimentation and development. Basically, the GUI provides a BCH chain that can be configured and recreated from scratch with every restart. The GUI doesn’t connect to the BCH mainnnet and only consists of transactions and blocks which you create locally as our BCH-based GUI can allow a great deal of testing. Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Bitcoin.com Has You CoveredCloud & Market Moreover, we will soon provide a 1st class environment called the ‘Cloud,’ which is a system that is still under construction. Essentially, when it is finished Bitcoin.com’s Cloud will allow anyone to deploy and scale their frameworks entirely on our cloud, providing another great resource for BCH app experimentation. Lastly, another unfinished platform called ‘Market’ will allow users to monetize their work and newly created apps with paid downloads, streaming media, in-app purchases, tokens and more.

Mastering Bitcoin Cash

Additionally, Developer.bitcoin.com wants individuals to learn how to master the art of cryptocurrency with a web portal dedicated to learning. Bitcoin.com’s ‘Learn’ section provides users with the educational resources like ‘Mastering Bitcoin Cash,’ tutorials, human interface guidelines, and insights from developers who have already shipped successful applications. Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Bitcoin.com Has You Covered We want the entire world to use BCH, not just a niche group of people, and this means constant development is sorely needed. Bitcoin.com also wants to help promote real-world applications that provide real use cases, in contrast to the promotion of speculative digital assets that really don’t provide utility. So if you are a developer or want to learn to how to develop awesome BCH applications, head on over to the Developer.bitcoin.com web portal for all your building needs in one place. What do you think about our new developer tools and guides? Let us know what you think about Developer.bitcoin.com in the comment section below.
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