The Texas Bitcoin Conference is Coming Back to Austin

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The Texas Bitcoin Conference is Coming Back to Austin

October 9, 2017 Latest news 0
This month on October 28-29, 2017 the Texas Bitcoin Conference is coming to the Canyon View Event Center in Austin, Texas. The two-day event aims to showcase the transformative blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution taking place worldwide. Also Read: AMF Concludes ICOs Have No Legal Status Under French Law

The Texas Bitcoin Conference 2017

The Texas Bitcoin Conference is Coming Back to AustinThe Texas Bitcoin Conference (TBC) is taking place in Austin, Texas this year featuring a slew of blockchain entrepreneurs and bitcoin luminaries. The organizers of the event say that attendees will be able to discover the fascinating effects of these emerging technologies. TBC organizers explain digital currencies are also more than just a fascination, “they’re an inevitability.” The conference will showcase a wide range of businesses and exhibit presenters that are knee deep in this innovative technological landscape. TBC attendees will also hear from a variety of speakers from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry throughout both days of the event. This year’s TBC speakers include Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante), Daniel Krawisz (Satoshi Nakamoto Institute), David Johnston (Factom), Elisabeth Grothe-Møller (, Ian Freeman (Free Talk Live), and many more special guests. The Texas Bitcoin Conference is Coming Back to Austin

‘Bitcoin and its Children Storming All the Legacy Fortifications of the Status Quo’

The TBC organizer and founder of Factom, Paul Snow, told he’s thrilled to host another blockchain and cryptocurrency focused event in Austin.   “Bitcoin stands to eclipse all other stores of value in terms of security, privacy, utility and universal opportunity,” explains Snow. “Get your goggles on, and watch the eclipse the second time this year at the Texas Bitcoin Conference 2017. Why do I say we will eclipse the status quo? Bitcoin, and the entire cryptocurrency space is building innovation after innovation to be applied to every sector of the economy, including not just the financial sector. In other news, the US legacy financial sector’s latest security innovation is a chip that’s been used in Europe for years.”
Bitcoin drama will continue past Segwit2x in November, but that won’t stop Bitcoin and its children from storming all the legacy fortifications of the status quo and changing the world — We want people to see how at the Texas Bitcoin Conference this year.

TBC Will Feature a Wide Range of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Discussions Regarding This Growing Technological Landscape

The conference aims to focus on the massive growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the evolution of blockchain technology that followed bitcoin’s phenomenal rise. Attendees will hear about other important subjects like ICOs, regulations, tax law, altcoins, and the growing financial opportunities taking place within the crypto-economy. Tickets for the TBC event in Austin are available now and there’s an early bird special of buy-one-get-another general admission ticket, half off for a limited time. The two-day Texas Bitcoin Conference will be happening at the beautiful Canyon View Event Center located at 4800 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX. The TBC event is proudly organized by the blockchain firm Factom and the Austin based radio broadcast the Crypto Show. Will you be attending the Texas Bitcoin Conference this year? Let us know in the comments below. Disclaimer: is the gold sponsor of the Texas Bitcoin Conference and a media partner.
Images via the Texas Bitcoin Conference.
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