The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin

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The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin

April 25, 2018 Bitcoin Cryptocurrency News 0
The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin According to the infamous licensed brothel in Nevada, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a sex worker named Lana West was paid for her intimate favors with a few thousand dollars in bitcoin. Since then the Bunny Ranch has announced accepting the digital currency for sexual services. Also read: Five Reasons Why Bitcoin Cash is About to Win Big

The Cathouse Goes Bitcoin

Lately a few escort business and sex workers have been revealing that they accept cryptocurrencies for sexual services. Now the well-known Bunny Ranch, a legal bordello owned by Dennis Hof is accepting bitcoin. The brothel’s location is in the state of Nevada, which allows legal prostitution as long as it is outside the jurisdiction of Las Vegas. The Bunny Ranch is a pretty popular destination on the outskirts of Carson City, and Dennis Hof and the brothel girls have been filmed on multiple occasions for the HBO documentary ‘Cathouse.’ The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin Sex worker Lana West, who is a Bunny Ranch employee, exchanged an “intimate girlfriend experience” during the first week of April. According to West, clients can pay for services with a credit card but the brothel will show up on statements. That week a client asked West if she would accept bitcoin for payment.                 “A wonderful and rather tech-savvy client came in offering to purchase my services with Bitcoin,” West details in an interview. “Dennis approved it, and we executed a transfer from the customer’s bitcoin wallet to my own.”
It was a mid-four-figure payment for an intimate girlfriend experience with me that lasted just over an hour — My client walked out with a smile on his face — but little did he know we actually made history together.
The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin
Dennis Hof and the Bunny Ranch Cathouse girls.

Cryptocurrency Revolutionising Adult Companionship Services

The Bunny Ranch in Nevada is not the only sex service to accept cryptocurrencies. Bubble Escorts has recently announced accepting bitcoin for a “dream escort.” The company’s website proudly displays a BTC logo and the business provides an address during the booking process.    “We have taken this decision upon our desire to move with the times as we have always been dedicated to revolutionising the way people book London escorts,” explains Bubble Escorts. “Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity and we are delighted to be the first London escorts provider to have listened to the demand.”
We believe that accepting bitcoin payments is a new feature which will allow our clients to pay for our adult companionship services in the most discreet and safe way possible.
The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin The trend of sex workers accepting digital currencies for intimate services has increased over the past year. The Reddit forum /r/sexworkers discusses the subject and one individual states, “accepting bitcoin best thing ever decided.” Moreover, both female and male cryptocurrency accepting escorts can be found on the web portal Adultwork. For a while, the very popular website had a lot of advertisements for individuals offering escort services for bitcoin but the site has been shut down recently by the U.S. government. What do you think about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch accepting bitcoin for intimate services? Let us know what you think about this trend in the comments below.
Images via Pixabay, Jim Wilson/The New York Times
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