The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer Explodes With Blockchain Data

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The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer Explodes With Blockchain Data

April 20, 2018 Latest news 0
The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer Explodes With Blockchain Data is a web portal loaded with resources tethered to the heart of the cryptocurrency revolution. Just recently we launched our new blockchain explorer which allows anyone to verify transactions and other data tied to the Bitcoin blockchain. We want to give our readers a little more insight on this awesome tool. Also Read: Indian Exchange Takes Central Bank to Court Over Bank Ban

Check Out the Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer

A blockchain explorer is a neat tool that acts like a search engine for the BCH network and other public blockchains. These explorers search addresses, balances, block history, and transactions so network users can verify every action taking place on the blockchain. There are many situations where you may want to search some data on’s Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer. For instance, say you sent a large amount of BCH to a friend and you want to make sure the individual got the funds. Our explorer will find the transaction by using a sending or receiving address, or a  transaction ID number.
The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer Explodes With Blockchain Data
Search an address, transaction, or block with the Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer in a variety of currencies, Cash address functionality, and multiple languages.
The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer shows users the latest transactions that have been broadcast and processed to the BCH chain, and users can further investigate mined blocks, inputs, outputs, and a transaction’s byte size. Further with the May 15th Bitcoin Cash hard fork approaching, the BCH Block Explorer will be very useful when searching for scripts, and OP codes. Our explorer users can already see messages that have been posted on the platform Memo, a social media feed that utilizes the BCH network to display content. In the future, this writing functionality will be introduced to the Wallet
The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer Explodes With Blockchain Data
The latest blocks and transactions taking place on the bitcoin cash chain is updated in real-time.

Explorers Are Important Tools for This Emerging Economy

Additionally, the blockchain browser features a Cash address switch which can toggle between legacy BCH addresses and the new BCH address implementation. The BCH Block Explorer also can be viewed in six language settings including Japanese, English, Chinese, Swedish, Indian, and Korean. Important data included in a search will show transaction size and the number of confirmations.
The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer Explodes With Blockchain Data’s BCH Block Explorer shows written Memo transactions.
Moreover, the platform also presents the total value of a transaction or block including network fees and fees per byte. Alongside this block or transaction values can be read in formats such as the USD, AUD, RUB, INR, JPY, CNY, and more. Users can even share the block explorer link across an array of social media platforms.  It’s safe to say has got you covered when it comes to resources surrounding the bitcoin ecosystem. In addition to our awesome block explorer, we have a BCH-centric store, an uncensored forum, a high-stakes casino, a mining pool, a newsdesk, and real-time price statistics and charts to get a better visualization of this emerging economy. The Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer is just another addition to our wide variety of tools and resources offered here at, and things are just getting started. Have you tried our Bitcoin BCH Block Explorer? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 
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