The Best Crypto Debit Card – BlockCard

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The Best Crypto Debit Card – BlockCard

June 15, 2020 Bitcoin Cryptocurrency 0

Crypto debit cards are a great way to get instant purchasing power from your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or other cryptocurrency. They act as the efficient bridge between the crypto world and existing financial systems because they are accepted almost everywhere traditional credit cards are accepted. However, all crypto debit cards are not created equal.

The Best Crypto Debit Card – BlockCard

The BlockCard by Ternio has gained popularity amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to its ease of use, unmatched features, and accessibility to the US market. It’s now the only card many traders, miners, and long term holders use for everyday purchases.

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Learn more about BlockCard below

BlockCard has quickly positioned itself in the crypto market as more than just a debit card, but rather a swiss army knife encompassing a suite of features, enabling consumers to easily move from cash to crypto or crypto to cash.

Here are just some of the great features:

  • Users get two cards (plastic and virtual) with two unique card numbers
  • 13 cryptocurrencies are supported – including BCH and BTC
  • Optional FDIC insured bank account. Deposit USD and move into or out of crypto.
  • Apple + Samsung + Google Pay supported for watch or phone
  • Deposit crypto on the card or take your card to Walmart or 7-11 and add cash directly at the register
  • Unlimited 6.38% Crypto Back Rewards on all purchases

Getting A BlockCard Is Seamless

Signing up for a BlockCard could not be easier. Account Creation and KYC approval is nearly instant, which is a good onboarding experience for customers. Plus, with availability of a virtual card you can be spending in minutes. It has a Clean UI and easy to navigate which works well on desktop and mobile devices without needing to download any apps.

  1. Visit the BlockCard website and create an account
  2. Deposit crypto funds to the deposit address in your account
  3. Enter your KYC information and get an immediate response
  4. Upon passing KYC your virtual card is immediately available and your physical card is shipped to your home.

You can also sync your virtual or physical card with Apple, Google, or Samsung pay. This feature is not available currently with other crypto debit cards.

BlockCard Crypto Bank Account

Those with BlockCard accounts are also able to get an FDIC Insured bank account. It requires KYC just like the card, but gives you an easy way to move in or out of crypto. You can send money from your personal checking or savings account to your BlockCard Bank Account and then easily move into cryptocurrency. You can also move from crypto to US dollars with the same ease. The Bank Account operates like a traditional account, sending funds across ACH or Wire.

Unrivaled Crypto Back Rewards

Rewards programs on credit cards are not new, but most limit the rewards a card holder can earn or restrict the total dollar amounts or certain categories. BlockCard’s crypto back rewards are unmatched! You can earn up to 6.38% crypto back on any store purchases!

Using BlockCard is a rewarding experience, literally. By participating in the TERN staking program you can earn up to 6.38% crypto back on all of your merchant purchases. That includes gas, groceries, phone bills, streaming subscriptions, travel, and more. There is no cap on the amount of earnings you can receive and is the most generous crypto back rewards program available today.

BlockCard is US First and Growing Globally

The company behind BlockCard (Ternio) is US Based and there is a degree of confidence and trust that comes with that. With BlockCard customers in all 50 states, Ternio has been focused on delivering for their customers in a compliant and regulated environment. However, global expansion is already underway ensuring an inclusive product for users across the globe. Enabling customers to convert cryptocurrency into real world utility and have more control over their money than ever before. BlockCard will be opened for residents of 31 European countries next quarter, followed by APAC, LATAM, and EMEA. Exclusive Offer readers are entitled to an exclusive offer due to our relationship with Ternio. For a limited time, you can get $10 added to your first $100 deposit. BlockCard is a great product from its ease of use to it’s crypto back rewards. Try it now. EXCLUSIVE:
$10 Bonus with your first $100 Deposit on BlockCard

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