New Charts: The Bitcoin Ecosystem at a Glance

A New Bitcoin World

New Charts: The Bitcoin Ecosystem at a Glance

August 27, 2017 Bitcoin 0 Charts: The Bitcoin Ecosystem at a Glance At we’re very passionate about the decentralized economy and everything tethered to the evolving Bitcoin ecosystem. In order to provide more Bitcoin resources, we’ve just added a new chart and data analysis section to our web portal called The charts section is aimed to give both veterans and new enthusiasts a glance at the Bitcoin network’s various movements and economic achievements. Also Read: Reward-based Social Media Platform Yours Switches from Litecoin to Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Charts Designed to Provide Data to Enthusiasts Both New and Old

The bitcoin environment is quite vast, and many people and organizations like to study the data that’s tied to this innovative ecosystem. Charts like these show a graphical representation of the various facets involved with Bitcoin. The most popular types of analytical data people like to research include price, circulating supply, mining data and much more.  Now our visitors can drop by to check out a myriad of charts that cover the broad constellation of Bitcoin data. The new section covers market statistics, block details, activity & usage, mining data, economic measurements, and an advanced section with more technical particulars. Our chart section was designed by our Senior developer, Clark Moody, an early bitcoin enthusiast and programmer who built the first real-time exchange data site for the bitcoin ecosystem. Charts: The Bitcoin Ecosystem at a Glance
A beautiful and rich display of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

A Wide Variety of Statistics Covering the Bitcoin Ecosystem   

For instance, market statistics has charts that show Bitcoin price, market capitalization, the current money supply, and chain value density. If a user toggles a certain chart, they can change certain aspects like the time period setting, changing the value scale to linear or logarithmic, a night & day setting and much more. At there’s also an economic section that shows a variety of data collected measuring Bitcoin’s economic health. In this section, visitors can collect data on BTC’s inflation rates, Metcalfe’s Law, and the velocity of money. Charts: The Bitcoin Ecosystem at a Glance
Easily toggle between chart settings and back to the home page in seconds.
People who are more interested in things like mining, the network’s hashrate, and blocks can find charts for these subjects as well. Charts in these sections show a graphical representation of block sizes, times between blocks, block height, and blockchain size. Further, for mining data users can get information on the current hashrate and growth, difficulty, transaction fees, and miner revenue. Users interested in Bitcoin activity can check out the amount of daily transactions, fee percentages, UTXO averages and total transaction count. Charts: The Bitcoin Ecosystem at a Glance
Share our charts across the web or on your landing page with direct links, forum markdowns, embed codes, and you can even download a CSV file.

Bitcoin Achievements from a Different Perspective

At we’re excited to launch our new charts portal so bitcoiners can catch a glimpse at Bitcoin achievements and network status from a different viewpoint. In addition to the vast collection of information, visitors can get a direct link to the chart, a markdown Reddit link, embedding code, and the ability to download a CSV file. Individuals who love charts and graphs that show the current status of the Bitcoin network and its economy will surely enjoy visiting What do you think about our new section Let us know in the comments below.
Images via Shutterstock,, and offers up-to-the-minute charts on bitcoin price and other stats. Our feeds show the bitcoin price index in all three major currencies (USD, CNY, EUR). Also, if you want to dig deeper into how the bitcoin network is performing behind the scenes, check out the statistics page too. The post New Charts: The Bitcoin Ecosystem at a Glance appeared first on Bitcoin News.


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