More Bitcoin Fork Clones on the Way: Bitcoin God Will Be Born Xmas Day

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More Bitcoin Fork Clones on the Way: Bitcoin God Will Be Born Xmas Day

December 6, 2017 News 0
Symbolic Bitcoin Clones: Bitcoin God Will Be Born on Xmas Day It seems forking bitcoin has become a new cryptocurrency obsession lately as a myriad of bitcoin clones are joining the economy. Now two more bitcoin fork ‘snapshots’ seem to be on the horizon, called “Bitcoin God” and “Bcash”. Also read: Bitcoin-Based Ethereum Smart Contract and Sidechain Rival RSK Launches

Chandler Guo Wants to Give a Symbolic Gift by Launching ‘Bitcoin God’ on December 25

Symbolic Bitcoin Clones: Bitcoin God Will Be Born on Xmas Day
Chandler Guo
We continue to hear about new bitcoin snapshot clones called diamond, rubies, gold, lightning, and now there’s allegedly a ‘Bitcoin God’ network coming. A network snapshot is basically a clone of the bitcoin blockchain taken at a precise block height. This means the new chain shares the exact same history as the legacy blockchain, up until that specific time. From there the new blockchain splits off and records its own transactions and blocks mined going forward. Further, the new network can have entirely new characteristics like bitcoin gold’s equihash consensus mechanism; which is different than bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW).   The well-known Chinese cryptocurrency investor Chandler Guo has revealed he is launching a bitcoin-based fork that will use the ticker ‘GOD.’ Guo details the project is coming December 25 and explains there will not be a premine. “Bitcoin God (GOD) will be forked off the main bitcoin chain at the block height of 501225, which will happen on December 25th to be symbolic of me giving candy to all bitcoin holders — The total amount will be 21 million — No pre-mine,” explains Chandler Guo via Twitter. After Guo made the announcement, one of the investor’s Twitter followers asked him if the fork was a joke, or if it was real. Guo replied by detailing the fork was “real” and has tweeted about bitcoin god a few times since he announced the project.

Is Someone Creating a Bitcoin Clone Called ‘Bcash’?

Symbolic Bitcoin Clones: Bitcoin God Will Be Born on Xmas DayFurther, there have been talks about another bitcoin fork that may spring up in the near future. Just recently someone noticed a Github repository is being worked on for a forked token called ‘Bcash.’ The repo was initiated on December 1, but the project was initially announced this past August, a few days after the bitcoin cash hard fork. “Bcash is a new cryptocurrency that uses the existing Bitcoin ledger combined with Zcash privacy technology,” explains the Github repository. The person or group behind the bitcoin/zcash clone does have a Twitter handle as well but has only tweeted twice. The developer who claimed to be creating the token is an early cryptocurrency developer who goes by the name “Freetrade.” The developer said he had launched blockchains like Protoshares, Memorycoin, Hodlcoin, and other projects within the space. The developer emphasizes in his announcement that Bcash is not associated with bitcoin cash and the project is an entirely different network in the making. Freetrade explains:
There are a number of scammers trying to cash in on the Bcash name. Be very cautious of anyone using the ‘Bcash’ name at this time. Bcash is not available for purchase or sale at this time.
Of course, the cryptocurrency community doesn’t know what to make of these new bitcoin snapshot projects. Although some bitcoin cash supporters seem pleased there is another token being created that will use the name Bcash, which also may essentially remove the disliked name from the BCH community. BCH supporters have also recently created a website called “What Is Bcash” that is dedicated to informing people that some individuals are deploying the word Bcash as a “social attack.” What do you think about Bitcoin God and Bcash and all the other upcoming snapshot bitcoin forks? Let us know what you think about the many new bitcoin forks happening these days in the comments below.
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