Leaked Images Reignite Expectations for Crypto Wallet in Samsung’s Galaxy

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Leaked Images Reignite Expectations for Crypto Wallet in Samsung’s Galaxy

January 25, 2019 Uncategorized 0
Leaked Images Reignite Expectations for Crypto Wallet in Galaxy S10

It is a premiere expected by many and crypto enthusiasts have become part of the impatient crowd. The long-awaited 10th anniversary edition of Samsung’s flagship smartphone will reportedly come in different versions, including one with 5G connectivity, which will have up to six cameras, front and rear. According to newly leaked images, it will also feature a cryptocurrency wallet.  

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Users to Import or Create Cryptocurrency Wallet

Galaxy S10 photos that have appeared on social media this week show that crypto functionality is integrated into the phone’s menu under “Samsung Blockchain Keystore.” The native application has been described by Samsung as “a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.”

Users are promised the opportunity to “secure and manage” their “blockchain private key.” Furthermore, the Samsung Pass feature supports biometric authentication for improved security. The app will also allow the owner to either import an existing crypto wallet or create a new one. The interface informs users they can transfer cryptocurrencies from their existing wallets.

According to the leaked images, the Galaxy S10’s built-in wallet will most likely be able to store multiple digital coins as there is a “Supported Cryptocurrencies” section. The one crypto displayed at the time the photo was taken is ethereum.

Samsung’s new flagship lineup will most likely be presented at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event which is scheduled for Feb. 20 and will be devoted to the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S. According to Gizmodo, the phones will be available for preorder from that date and will be released at the beginning of March.

Galaxy S10 to Be Offered in 3 Models

Three modifications of the new Galaxy phone are expected – the regular S10, a cheaper S10 Lite version and the S10+. It’s been reported that the higher-spec models will come with the ‘Infinity O’ display, which has punch-hole cutouts accommodating the front-facing cameras and an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The three versions will be different in terms of screen size – 5.8, 6.1, and 6.4 inches respectively. They will also differ in terms of internal storage, which will be up to 1TB, battery capacity reaching 5,000mAh, and pricing.

The images of the integrated cryptocurrency wallet that were posted on Twitter show a device with a single front camera. That’s likely to be either the ‘Lite’ model or the mid-range S10, both of which have a single-lens selfie camera. The top S10+ version is likely to have two front-facing cameras.

Latest Reports of Crypto Wallet Follow Previous Denial

In December, rumors surfaced that Samsung was developing an application featuring both cold storage for digital assets and a hot wallet for crypto transactions. The news outlet Sam Mobile reported that the app was going to support a number of cryptocurrencies and tokens such as bitcoin core (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), and ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. However, Samsung denied the information, describing it as a speculation.

Leaked Images Reignite Expectations for Crypto Wallet in Galaxy S10

Then, at the end of last month, a report came out that the Korean conglomerate had filed a trademark titled “Samsung Crypto Wallet.” The news reignited suggestions that the company is indeed planning to integrate the crypto feature in the upcoming lineup of flagship products.

Samsung is not the only smartphone manufacturer with plans for crypto integration. Last spring, Huawei was rumored to be negotiating with Sirin Labs to incorporate a cold storage wallet into its handsets. In November, Sirin Labs launched its own “blockchain smartphone.” This month, HTC started shipping its Exodus 1 model, a device that comes with a built-in hardware wallet. With the Galaxy S series being one of the most popular on the market, Samsung’s new phones are likely to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and potentially increase adoption.

Smartphones are believed to provide a more secure platform to store cryptocurrencies than personal computers. In an article published by Samsung last summer, IT consultant and security expert Joel Snyder argued that mobile devices are more suitable for storing digital assets as they utilize Trusted Execution Environments. TEEs have separate memory and storage, isolated from the rest of the phone and its operating system.

Do you think the new Galaxy S10 smartphone will feature a cryptocurrency wallet? Share your expectations in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Twitter.

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