Launches New Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer

A New Bitcoin World Launches New Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer

February 5, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Wallet provider has started offering a new tool for users to peer into the inner workings of their cryptocurrency. The company has launched a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block explorer that allows people to search for transaction hashes, blocks and addresses on the BCH blockchain.

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New BCH Blockchain Explorer, the popular cryptocurrency wallet provider, has announced the launch of a new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) block explorer. The company explained, for the benefit of individuals who may be unfamiliar with the concept, that they can think about the tool as a browser for the blockchain. It allows users to search for detailed information on specific BCH blocks, check whether a transaction has confirmed, view the balance of a wallet address, monitor market prices, and even watch real-time network transactions. Launches New Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer

“As more cryptocurrencies develop and grow, providing direct access and insight across networks is crucial. Blockchain Explorer is the most trusted source for blockchain data. Our focus has always been on providing the most up to date and accurate information available,” the team stated on Feb. 4. “Today, we’re excited to introduce Bitcoin Cash to the existing lineup of supported cryptocurrencies on our Explorer. You can now search for BTC/ETH/BCH transaction hashes, blocks and addresses in a single search bar.”

Why Bitcoin Cash?

The BCH tool is only the third block explorer supported by after Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). When the company launched another service last month the team mentioned that it has received more questions about bitcoin cash recently than any other crypto asset supported by the Blockchain Wallet. Launches New Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer

In January the company launched an educational tool called Blockchain Primers. The service is intended to provide a relatively concise overview of each crypto asset including background material, the latest market data and analysis. The first report issued on it was an introduction to BCH, whose advantages over BTC, according to the research, include greater maximum onchain transaction capacity/throughput, lower average transaction fees, and additional smart contract functionality.

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