Bitstamp’s CEO Explains His Decision to List Bitcoin Cash

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Bitstamp’s CEO Explains His Decision to List Bitcoin Cash

November 21, 2017 Cryptocurrency Ethereum News 0
The oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, Bitstamp, plans to list Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading pairs at the end of November or early December. Bitstamp revealed its decision to release BCH holdings and list the digital asset this past September due to “high levels of customer demand.” Also read: Internet Archive Adds Bitcoin Cash and Zcash for Donations

Bitstamp Will List Bitcoin Cash 

Bitstamp's CEO Explains His Decision to List Bitcoin CashThis week the European digital asset exchange, Bitstamp, revealed to that bitcoin cash markets would be listed on the trading platform within the next few weeks. BCH trading will be available in three currency pairs including BCH/BTC, BCH/USD, and BCH/EUR. Over the past few weeks, BCH markets have rallied reaching an all-time high of $2,400 across global exchanges. Presently BCH markets have dropped to roughly $1,200, but the currency still commands the third highest market capitalization among the 1000+ digital assets. spoke with Bitstamp’s co-founder and CEO Nejc Kodrič about adding bitcoin cash to the exchange’s current lineup.          “Listing bitcoin cash is part of our efforts to list more currencies and respond to the demand we have seen,” Kodrič details.  
Trading support is available for all currencies we offer as long as there is market demand for it.

Pressing Ahead with the Addition of Further Trading Pairs and Services

Bitstamp's CEO Explains His Decision to List Bitcoin Cash
Bitstamp’s Nejc Kodrič.
Bitstamp has listed more currencies in 2017 than ever before, adding ripple, ethereum, and litecoin. Kodrič explains to why they chose to list multiple cryptocurrencies this year. “Since starting out in 2011, our mission has been to be the safest and most reliable digital currency exchange on the market — our watchwords have always been stability and organic growth, and this mentality has served us well,” Kodrič notes.
Having already set solid foundations for Bitstamp’s long-term future, we now feel the time is right to take the next step towards fulfillment of our vision and press ahead with the addition of further trading pairs and services.

Cryptocurrencies Added to Bitstamp Must Meet the Platform’s Criteria and Customer Demands

Over the past 24-hours, between all the currencies listed on the trading platform, Bitstamp is processing well over $120 million in trade volume. On November 20 the exchange swapped over 15,061 BTC worth of volume and currently captures the 5th highest bitcoin volume among all the global trading platforms. Kodrič tells us there’s a possibility Bitstamp will add more digital assets as cryptocurrency demand continues to grow. “There is a chance more cryptocurrencies may be added in the future, assuming they meet our standards for inclusion on our exchange,” Kodrič emphasizes. “There is an extensive list of criteria that we take into consideration — Most importantly, we list cryptocurrencies that meet our customers’ demands, our technological and liquidity requirements, and finally, currencies that are consistent with our long-term vision,” Bitstamp’s founder adds. What do you think about Bitstamp’s decision to list bitcoin cash markets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 
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