Bitcoin On Air: 100 Reasons to Explore the World of Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin On Air: 100 Reasons to Explore the World of Cryptocurrency

September 3, 2018 News 0

In less than a year, eight months to be exact, Matt Aaron and his team have grown the Podcast Network (BPN) by 100 episodes. Covering everything from blockchain innovation and hype to the week’s hottest crypto news, all the while highlighting the ecosystem’s most interesting personalities, now BPN is expanding into Latin America with a Spanish language broadcast. It’s easily the most comprehensive way to get giant helpings of Bitcoin ear candy. They’re even launching a Twitter competition to celebrate, @BitcoinCom (be sure to give them a Follow to get details). 

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100 BPN Episodes Document the Fascinating World of Crypto in All its Glory

Last year, Matt Aaron was comfortably running his export business from Latin America, an expat on a fulfilling adventure. Chance meeting with a executive looking to expand the company’s podcast presence online led to a conversation, leading to a job offer.

Bitcoin On Air: 100 Reasons to Explore the World of Cryptocurrency

Mr. Aaron, host and curator of all things Podcast Network, set about to meet the varied needs of listeners. Veterans of the space often are lacking for time, needing a quick listen to the most important news of the week. There is never a dull day in the cryptosphere, and so Mr. Aaron created This Week in Bitcoin (TWiB), one of the first summary shows of its kind in the community. TWiB is exactly as advertised: a sub 15 minute investment gets listeners caught up on an international spread of topics relevant to the ecosystem. Its easy format, story selection by writer and editor Kai Sedgwick, and consistent publishing have made it a BPN favorite.

Blockchain 2025 was BPN’s initial attempt at a longer-format show, one loose enough to pull from at-the-margin issues within the community and relate them to the tech underlying crypto, blockchain. Its ‘2025’ number is to give it a forward-looking focus, but not too far off. Mr. Aaron and a variety of co-hosts have examined cutting edge topics, and usually before most enthusiasts have heard about them. Prediction markets, religion, voting, storytelling lore, 3D guns, real estate, Blockchain 2025 seems to never run out of new and interesting topics. A key to the show’s success is production value: Editor Isabel Chaparro adds sound drops to make listeners smile while also keeping the show’s pace fluid, moving. The show was even recently nominated for a podcast award.

Bitcoin On Air: 100 Reasons to Explore the World of Cryptocurrency

Exhaustive Coverage of the Ecosystem

Humans of Bitcoin is Podcast Network’s most ambitious show. Imagine This American Life turned completely into a crypto-centric, longer format show focusing on one principal guest. It’s a time for luminaries, ecosystem lights, those making a difference in the cryptosphere to let their hair down and discuss personal journeys they’re not normally asked about, if ever. Some of the most compelling episodes include interviews with Lyn Ulbricht, mother of alleged Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, Wall Street analyst Caitlin Long, Billionaire Coin Geek owner Calvin Ayre, former gigolo turned Cointext revolutionary Vin Armani, and crypto’s spirit animal, Jeffrey Tucker. More recently, Mr. Aaron scored an exclusive interview with 3D gun printing advocate Cody Wilson, and listeners were the first in the world to hear Mr. Wilson’s historic response to court bans.

BPN has become so popular, it is venturing into emerging markets such as Latin America. Calle Bitcoin, loosely translated, ‘Bitcoin Street,’ is a audio project to get back to cryptocurrency’s roots, as a peer-to-peer cash for the entire world. Arguably, Latin America could be both in the greatest need for crypto and one of the first regions to reach considerable adoption as a result. Calle Bitcoin guides Spanish speaking listeners through topics surrounding blockchain, current issues, and why crypto is so revolutionary.

Bitcoin On Air: 100 Reasons to Explore the World of Cryptocurrency

100 episodes over four distinct shows is a herculean effort, and as BPN expands so has its team. Emily Dallara is the mistress of marketing and promotion, and is sure to get shows out in front of those who are most interested. China News correspondent Cindy Wang and Gerald Fabrot from Business Development have contributed to important guest gets. Attila Kramer, Joey King, and Luis Barreto keep the BPN website slick looking and running smooth.

What is your favorite show on the BPN? Let us know in the comments below. 

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