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A New Bitcoin World

Blockchain Basics Act Introduced in Ohio, South Carolina, and Mississippi

The Blockchain Basics Act, a series of regulations aimed at safeguarding people’s cryptocurrency rights at a state level, has been introduced in three more U.S. states: Ohio, South Carolina, and Mississippi. With this move, similar cryptocurrency…

February 19, 2024 0

Biden Administration Issues Landmark AI Executive Order

Biden Administration Issues Landmark AI Executive OrderUnited States president Joe Biden has issued an executive order to establish new rules and standards that artificial intelligence (AI) companies will have to follow to secure the leadership of America in the field. The executive order also ostensibly seeks to protect the privacy of citizens and examine the effects that AI tools will have […]

October 31, 2023 0

Argentine Foreign Minister Says a Latin American Common Currency Would Relieve Argentina’s Stress on the Dollar Issue

argentina common currency latin americaArgentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero referred to the advantages the issuance of a Latin American common currency would give Argentina. Cafiero stated that the existence of such a currency would relieve the stress that the country is currently facing regarding the state of its foreign reserves and the devaluation of its fiat currency. Argentine Foreign […]

May 5, 2023 0

Italian Parliament Approves 26% Tax for Cryptocurrency Gains in 2023 Budget Law

italian parliament crypto taxThe Italian Parliament has introduced a 26% capital tax on cryptocurrency gains as part of the 2023 budget law, which was approved on Dec. 29. The document also offers incentives for taxpayers to declare their cryptocurrency holdings, proposing a 3.5% aliquot for undeclared cryptocurrencies held before Dec. 31, 2021, and a 0.5% fine for each […]

January 2, 2023 0

Crypto ATM Company Bitbase Prepares to Open Operations in Venezuela This Year

bitbaseBitbase, a cryptocurrency store and ATM company headquartered in Spain is preparing to open operations in Venezuela this year. The company is now looking for employees for the stores and crypto ATMs that will be opened. Bitbase would be one of the first international exchanges to open an office in the country.
Bitbase Prepares […]

August 29, 2022 0

Metaverse Company Condense Raises $4.5 Million to Accelerate VR Streaming Adoption

condenseCondense, a Bristol, England-based metaverse company that produces technology to allow the streaming of events to virtual reality apps, has raised $4.5 million in its most recent seed round. The round, which was led by Localglobe, 7percent Ventures, and Deeptech Labs, gives Condense funding to deepen its relationship with artists, labels, content creators, and metaverse […]

August 1, 2022 0

Portugal to Tax Cryptocurrency Income According to Minister of Finance

portugalPortugal, one of the countries considered a crypto tax haven due to its absence of crypto-related taxation, is preparing to change this policy. Fernando Medina, minister of finance of Portugal, stated that the country is working on a framework to allow the taxation of cryptocurrency income gains following the principles of “justice” and “efficiency,” and […]

May 17, 2022 0

German Online Bank N26 to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Business This Year

N26N26, a German online neobank, has announced it will get into the cryptocurrency trading business this year. The announcement was made by Max Tayenthal, co-founder and a CEO of the company, who pondered whether focusing on cryptocurrency instead of going global may have been a better idea. The company closed operations in the U.K. and […]

January 13, 2022 0

HP-Branded Servers Hijacked to Mine $110,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency

HPHackers recently took control of a group of HP-branded servers and used them to remotely mine a cryptocurrency called raptoreum, according to reports. This resulted in the compromised cluster of HP machines becoming the biggest contributor to the total mining pool of the cryptocurrency, allowing attackers to rake in $110,000 worth. The coins are said […]

December 28, 2021 0