New Podcast Episode with Stefan Thomas of Ripple Labs

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New Podcast Episode with Stefan Thomas of Ripple Labs

June 21, 2017 Finance 0
Ripple Labs

During this week’s podcast our host, Richard Jacobs, sits down with Stefan Thomas, CTO of Ripple Labs to discuss his company’s “real-time gross settlement protocol” Ripple (XRP).

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Currently, traditional settlement times for international bank transfers can cost a lot of money and days to complete the payment. Ripple Labs is positioning itself to help provide banks and large financial institutions save billions in fees and deliver significantly faster settlement times. The Ripple settlement system has been used by well-known institutions such as Santander, UBS, and Unicredit. The company claims to provide “secure, instant and nearly free global financial transactions of any size with no chargebacks.”

Thomas believes 26 trillion dollars worldwide is held back due to regulatory hurdles, and insufficient transparency between banking partners causing a lack of trust. The Ripple protocol aims to improve the existing financial infrastructure.

“Ripple works with banks to improve the financial infrastructure that [banks] use for cross-border payments,” explains Thomas during the podcast.

We help banks improve that user experience and also drive costs down 

Ripple believes their settlement system can provide a more efficient alternative to international banking protocols such as Swift and ACH transfers. Over the past year, there has been great interest in Ripple’s interbank transactions, and the protocol’s tokens have substantially increased in value over the previous five months.

Thomas describes in great detail how he believes his company’s XRP token and IOU infrastructure can free up billions of dollars worldwide and ultimately change the traditional settlement system.

Check out’s podcast here, or stream the show below to hear more from Ripple Labs CTO, Stefan Thomas, and why he thinks the company’s protocol will revolutionize traditional settlement and finance.

What do you think about the Ripple protocol? Let us know in the comments below. 

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